Since their debut album was released in 2011 Violet Road, from Tromsø, Norway, have toured Norway county by county embracing the audience and collecting fans.  During 2014 the band grew from «one to watch» to an established and highly appreciated band for the whole nation.

In March 2015 Violet Road released their 3rd and critically acclaimed album “Back To The Roadshow” which became one of that year’s most selling releases in Norway. They played over 60 live shows for standing ovations and 6/6 reviews.

In 2015 was yet another great live concert and touring year for the band building a even bigger audience across Norway and also spreading to the friendly neighbors in Denmark where their singles became one of the most played songs on National P4 radio.

In 2016 Violet Road released their 4th Studio album “In Town To Get You”. The release was supported by a thirty-date long “We Are The Love Tour”.

Violet Road are:

Kjetil Holmstad-Solberg (vocals/guitar)
Halvard Rundberg (guitars/vocals)
Hogne Rundberg (bass/vocals)
Håkon Rundberg (keys/vocals)
Herman Rundberg (drums/vocals) [through 2017]
Esben Høgmo  (drums/vocals) [2018 forward]


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