MusicDNA is the most affordable and best solution for all music enterprises who seek to gather vital music data on a global scale. MusicDNA currently monitors 24,600 radio stations worldwide, from mainstream to grassroots stations.

MusicDNA's real-time reports, statistics and charts provide all the necessary information to make sound business decisions. The information drawn from our data will help you spot trends early and boost your royalty collection, tour-booking and radio promotion.

Easy Song Management

The management of songs or artists is very efficient and user friendly with MusicDNA. To avoid a time consuming upload of your own mp3 audio files, MusicDNA  has set up a database with fingerprints and metadata of more than 21 million tracks. From here almost any song or artist can be activated within seconds.

Easy Registration

The registration to MusicDNA's monitoring service is easy and can be completed online in a few simple steps. All international credit cards and payments via bank transfer are accepted. There are two different service packages, FlexPro and Catalogue, for a service time of either 3 or 12 months.

World Class Technology

Bach Technology – the company behind MusicDNA – is a leading provider of advanced audio analysis and recognition technologies. For our MusicDNA monitoring service, world class technology from our prestigious partners Fraunhofer IDMT and HP is utilized. 

Easy access to real time reports

MusicDNA provides an easy access to vital global airplay data in real time. Only real-time data allows you to spot and react on trends early.

The first reports arrive within 24 hours after song registration. These MusicDNA reports include a global airplay map, a detailed airplay dashboard and compelling statistics on how your artists or songs have performed over time. You can also download this data in XLS or PDF formats. In addition, the airplay charts service delivers collected data from more than 70 countries. For example, as a provider of the German Airplay Charts based on the system description of the BVMI, MusicDNA can provide detailed airplay data on all the songs which comprise the charts.

Please contact Erik Steigen for more information.