The year's first month is already over and our clients are busy creating music, whether it's in the studio where Axident is crafting more radio hits, or on the road with Dave Mason whose Traffic Jam tour extends well into this year.

One of the most important messages from this year's Grammy Awards was the focus on music rights and the value of copyright. In a time when many seem to think of music more and more as an accessory that should belong to everyone, some conveniently forget that the craft of writing songs and recording music has value and should be protected.

We welcome innovation on all fronts, but if such innovation means that someone is making money on the backs of someone else's copyrights, rest assured that our clients will be in good hands in terms of rights management, royalty hunting and monetization. As a composer, songwriter, producer or artist you should never be forced to give away your music for free, or accept royalty-free deals. That's just taking steps backwards. We prefer to move forward while making sure you are compensated for the past.