Justin Bieber. Jason DeRulo, Pitbull. Sage the Gemini. Semiprecious Weapons. Far East Movement. Zedd. Tim McGraw.

Some of the groups and tracks that young producer and GRAMMY ® - nominated Andreas Schuller a/k/a Axident has produced or contributed to as a producer. His unique instinct and ear have made him one of music’s rising creators, driving sales, streams, downloads and styles embraced by a millennial generation across the globe.

Born in Drøbak, Norway, the young Norwegian has had an incredible journey, moving to LA ten years ago with a staunch dose determination and talent. Schuller got his start making theme music (Bus Songs) for high school graduations in his native Norway, and then earning a degree from the Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts (co-founded by former Beatle Paul McCartney). His experimental nature caught music industry executive Ron Moss’s attention and became the beginning of a long partnership.

“I chose my name - Axident - because I believe that all good music comes from trying and failing and letting go of boundaries,” he says of the style that brought him to Moss’s attention. His free-form, experimental production style led Moss to not only set up production and writing sessions in LA, but also join forces with him and create Honua Music LLC, a publishing and management company that is home to new artists James (Gladius) Wong, Leroy (Big Taste) Clampitt and MZWÉTWO.

Axident’s career got a kick-start when he was working on beats at a recording studio at Universal Music Publishing.  Working in a small studio down the hall from esteemed music producer Tricky Stewart, who was producing music for American Idol at the time, he would leave his studio door open so his music would float down the hall. It was only a matter of time before Stewart popped his head in to Axident’s small workspace and told him he liked what he heard. With Moss’s blessing, Stewart began offering him work, writing songs with artists like R&B songstress Esther Dean, RedZone artists Semi Precious Weapons, Wallpaper and Top 40 hit makers Far East Movement.

Moss and Tricky’s instincts about Axident have been right: Axident has contributed to two double-platinum singles, has had over a dozen top ten singles – including two global top ten hits, and with his GRAMMY nomination, is continuing his global impact on music.

“I feel like I’ve found my position in the industry. I know what I contribute with in a good way...I’m in a comfortable creative space where I’m driven by the experience. I’m more interested in being creative and being creative in what we make vs. being generic. My records sound different than everything being released.”

Different and successful, Axident began reaching out to some of his favorite collaborators and decided to use Airbnb as a way to get out of dark, windowless studios. He started the “Start from Infinity” writers camps with Joe London, Tom Peyton, John Ryan and Ricky Reed, renting houses around Los Angeles to create tracks and cuts that have been recorded by Jason Derulo, Pitbull and Tim McGraw. He later started the Beet Retreat With Gladius, Big Taste, Joe London and Ian Kirkpatrick with the first Beet Retreat Session spawning the track for the single “Now and Later” by Sage the Gemini on Atlantic.

“This a year where there is a big change on the horizon, musically so much sounds the same and every three or four years a record comes out that changes that. I don’t know where I want to take it but I’m going to aim to be the person that makes that record.”

In just a few years, Axident has built up an impressive discography as a producer, songwriter and musician – some of the highlights include:

  • "Company" (Justin Bieber) - - Certified Platinum by the RIAA

  • “Wiggle” (Jason Derulo) - Certified Double Platinum by the RIAA

  • “Fireball” (Pitbull ft. John Ryan) - Certified Double Platinum by the RIAA

  • "Work The Middle" (Alex Aiono)

  • "Headlights" (Robin Schultz ft. Ilsey)

  • "The Original High" (Adam Lambert)

  • "Daisy" (Zedd feat. Julia Michaels)

  • "Clap Snap" (Icona Pop)

  • “Turn Up The Love” (Far East Movement ft. Cover Drive)

  • "The View" (Tim McGraw)

  • "Young & Stupid" (Travis Mills ft. T.I.)

  • "Day Trippin'" (Kaskade feat. Estelle)

  • "I Choose U" (Timeflies)

  • "Undress Rehearsal (Timeflies)

  • “Burnin’ Up” (Jessie J ft. 2 Chainz)

  • "Lion Heart" (Jake Miller)

  • "Overnight" (Jake Miller)

  • "Superhuman" (Jake Miller)

  • “The Illest” (Far East Movement)

  • “Aviation High” (Semi Precious Weapons)

  • "Good Time" (Inna feat. Pitbull)

  • "Cola Song" (Inna feat. J Balvin)

  • "Bamborrea" (Inna)

  • "Too Sexy" (Inna)

  • "Rendez Vous" (Inna)

  • "Salina Skies" (Inna)

  • "Body And The Sun" (Inna)

  • "You N Me N Everyone We Know" (Wallpaper)

  • "Life of the Party" (Wallpaper)

  • "Let's Get Away With It" (Wallpaper)

  • "Woohoo" (Eli 'Paperboy' Reed)