Honua Music is a boutique Music Publishing, Music Management company and Record label based in Los Angeles and Hawaii. Founded by GRAMMY nominated producer Andreas “Axident” Schuller and established Music Publishing executive Ron Moss, the seven-year-old company is home to Axident and GRAMMY nominated producers/songwriters Gladius, Big Taste and Mzwétwo.

The company’s name - Honua- translates to World Music in the Hawaiian language, and the roster represents creators from across the globe: Axident is from Norway, Gladius from New Zealand, Big Taste from New Zealand, Mzwétwo from Zimbabwe and Larus Orn Arnarson from Iceland.

The brand is focused on the similarities and not differences; “We all come from different parts of the world but our humanity and love of music is the glue that connects us,” says Moss. “You can feel it in the music we create, and the joy and fun of the creative process.”

As a co-founder, innovation and cultivation are two of Axident's many strengths. He initiates many creative opportunities and forums for the team, and is a strong mentor to the younger talent on the roster. The success of the teams’ creative process comes first; Honua is a collective and our brand and crew are extraordinarily talent individuals who are all focused on helping make the music undeniable.

Bringing the business acumen and strategic direction to Honua, Moss’s career has been one of developing and changing the musical status quo. He was the Executive Vice President of Creative and head of A&R at Rondor Music International/ Universal Music Publishing Group for 17 years before creating a new music model with Honua. Having helped drive the careers for William Orbit, Avril Lavigne, Mika, Obie Trice, Twista, Imogen Heap, The Kaiser Chiefs, Garbage, Jane’s Addiction and many others, his instincts and strategy expand the team’s reach and build audience.

Identifying new talent, creative voices, songwriting, and production skills that break the norms and expectations in music, Moss and Axident lead the signing for both label and publishing divisions. For the label, the first artist release is by Mzwétwo – who is also signed as a writer, and will be followed by Gladius, who also shares duo artist/writer credits.

The team takes a music-first creative approach to the music publishing side of the Honua business, organizing several organic writer retreats, with no participation or influence from publishers, labels or artists. Two retreats – the "Start From Infinity" and "The Beet Retreat” – crafted the origins of the hit songs "Wiggle" by Jason Derulo (Axident bought a toy flute and played it on the track), "Fireball" and "Day Drinking" by Pitbull, (you can imagine the connection and the fact that both hit songs were written in the same day), "The View" by Tim McGraw and "Now and Later" by Sage the Gemini.

For Honua, lifting the veil on the creative process is imperative – pull the curtains back from behind the secretive process of writing hit songs and let creativity reign. It’s something so important to the group that Axident has come up with a recipe book that outlines how some of these hits were created.

Creating a new musical recipe, Honua music is anchored in creativity. Created by a partnership that brought two strengths together – songwriting and the business of songs – the company is creating long lasting music and careers that benefits music fans.

Honua music: driving the creativity and experimental joy in music, and making sure the music comes first.

For more news and information, visit Honua Music's website.