Recording Artists & Songwriters

Ove (Owen) Svendsen grew up in Singapore but has lived most of his adult life in Norway with his Chinese mother and Norwegian father. In his teens he also spent 3 years in South Korea and other parts of South East Asia, before eventually moving back to Norway. 

Owen started his professional music career in Bergen, western Norway. Lyrics are central in his songs, his writing is emotional, fragile and minimalist, but at the same time highly melodious, imaginative, original and at times charmingly naive. He is not particularly influenced by anyone, but inspired by songwriters as: Ron Sexsmith, Rufus Wainwright, and Tom Waits, Authors John Irwing and Salman Rushdie. From 1997 to 2003 Owen started six bands, wrote over a hundred songs, wrote & directed 2 plays.

His main project, The Owens, was started in 2003. Ove Svendsen had moved to the city of Bergen, Norway, home base for bands such as Sondre Lerche, Röyksopp, Magnet, Robert Post and Kings of Convenience. 

Owen met up with producers Calle Hamre (Butterfly Garden, Kong Klang) and Daniel Birkeland (Raindance, Daniel-B) and in 2004 recording started for the album ”It was near I died.” 
The album, released on the Norwegian market 2005 was followed by great reviews: 

”Ove Svendsen is the man behind the Owens project; he has a beautiful, clear voice you might as well get to know at once. In many ways he is the Americana-edition of Magnet, or the pop edition of Ryan Adams-“. 

”The result is a timeless piece of emotional pop music. And another thing: Of all the albums crafted in Norway, this one stands out with the greatest international potential-“

”The Owens is neither Magnet, Kings of Convenience, Christopher Cross or Simon & Garfunkel, and in the same time a little bit of all of them.- “

”As James Blunt has become a household name; I can not, nor can I see, a reason why The Owens should not become as large, or even larger. This album is in fact an absolute success from Ove Svendsen and his partners”.

”Guarding this Cave” was the bands first single. In addition to many radio appearances, The Owens also received B and A-rotation listings on national radio with this song. “Guarding this Cave” achieved at its peak 8 weeks A-listed on NRKP3. 

The Band has had 4 appearances on national television as well as much interest from local media. The Owens has made 2 music videos rotating on Norwegian music video stations ZTV, and Nrk2. Videos have also been shown on MTVNordic.