Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer & Rock Opera Composer


Performed by Corky Laing and the Perfct Child
Original music from “Test: the Rock Opera”

Mountain meets bioethics! Legendary Mountain drummer Corky Laing teams up with two internationally acclaimed philosophers (Prof. Matti Häyry and Dr. Tuija Takala) in this joint effort that brings together 70’s style music and contemporary moral problems of gene technology.

‘Playing God’ is a concept album. ‘Playing God’ is a musical metaphor for today's attempt to attain perfection.

Musically the album covers many feels and approaches from soft ballads to riff-driven guitar rock, from meditative instrumentals to operatic melody lines. At its core, the guitar-bass-drums combo is complemented with powerful singing. Corky Laing provides most of the male vocals. The depth and strength of his voice has been noted in the praising reviews the album has been receiving. The main female leads are sung by Maya Paakkari (an entrancing raspy voice from Finland), Bonnie Parker (a wide-ranging singer from the band Tang), and Denny Colt (another voice of power and attitude from Tang). The album also features Eric Schenkman (of Spin Doctors) on guitar. ‘Playing God’ was recorded and produced in Finland and further benefits from the local talent of Finnish musicians, singers, and sound engineers.

While ‘Playing God’ is a rock album, it is also a soundtrack to a rock opera. It takes the listener to tomorrow's world by introducing the small town of Happyville, where people have enjoyed the benefits of genetic engineering for years without any thought. There's a man who sells science and parents seeking to perfect their children, there are difficult choices and the need to find someone to blame when things don't go to plan. The choices these people are making are not new, it is just that the tools available are more sophisticated. ‘Playing God’ is a study of the human condition. The themes of the rock opera are based on theoretical research, but the practical questions it poses are relevant to us all. On the surface, the storylines are easy to follow, but they also lend themselves to deep philosophical questions about the future of humanity.

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"Playing God is a post-modern Tommy, a good old rock opera with a purpose. Evocative melodies bring artistic life to the many bioethical debates spawned by modern medicine and scientific advance. Corky Laing has never been better on drums and as composer. His collaboration with Finnish philosophers Matti Hayry and Tuija Takala has led to music on a grand scale with meanings and melodies that will leave you both thinking and humming about the human quest for perfection. Turn up the amps and listen in, Playing God is destined to become part of our cultural landscape, no doubt a classic before its time.”
Joseph J. Fins, M.D., M.A.C.P.
The E. William Davis, Jr., M.D. Professor of Medical Ethics, Cornell University, USA
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"The show was fantastic and the music is excellent. What an amazing project. Playing God deserves to be performed again and again.” 
Prof. Tom Buller, Illinois State University, USA
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"The performance of the opera was terrific. But it was the record, that revealed the real power of the concept for me. The incredible quality of the songs and the execution is mind-blowing. Vocals, guitar riffs and the powerful tunes just open up my imagination."
Ivars Neiders, PhD, Riga Stradinds University, Latvia
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“Playing God is proof that philosophy can be fun and entertainment can be smart.”
Thomasine Kushner, PhD, University of California, Berkeley, USA
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"Bioethics and Rock opera? Hm. Playing God is a risky mix of distant genres, but it works. “Open up your imagination” as the song’s title suggests and Corky Laing and the Perfct Child gives you a dynamic and entertaining rock tour in the new world of 21st century genetics. As the story unfolds around a city’s struggle with genetic technologies, corruption, death, friendship and love, the music takes us higher, where an amusing blend of rock, blues and metal, with excellent voices, precise sounds and clever performances paves our way to a happy end. This phase-I trial is a real musical surprise.”
Péter Kakuk, PhD, University of Debrecen, Hungary


"…The album concept is brilliant and the music colossal. It is an awe-inspiring rock musical production and a cross between… Welcome to my Nightmare, The Wall and The Rocky Horror Picture Show." (5/5 stars)
Ray Shasho,
"…The album is silly, explosive, intellectual, and all around madness as we explore sociological issues, suicide, the afterlife, the God’s, and so much more with the rock opera’s characters as they toy with human creation, struggle with the human condition, and watch on as they reap what they’ve sown."
… Great story work, fantastic vocals, incredibly good backing music. Now if I only could find this on stage somewhere… I highly suggest to any fan of the rock opera. Perfection.” (A+)
AJ Garcia,

"The pleasure of the album is in listening to it in its entirety. This is fun for all those who greedily sucked in the hard rock of the 70s. The music is full of heavy riffs, thick vocals, and corny choruses, but also of melancholy ballads and gorgeous arpeggios. There is humor and derision alongside moments of emotion, leaving the listener with a final bittersweet overall impression. This is the intersection of "Welcome to My Nightmare" by Alice Cooper, "Phantom of the Paradise" by Paul Williams, and "Jesus Christ Superstar". It recognizes multiple influences from Marilyn Monroe to David Bowie, in passing to The Who, the Sparks, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Kiss. "Playing God" is not only for fans of hard rock. It is also highly recommended to all those who love fantasy, parody, and musicals or their muscular alter ego, the rock operas, and who are nostalgic about the 70s."  (8,5/10)
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