Songwriter, Recording Artist & Producer

Simon Petty came to Los Angeles almost ten years ago, having signed a deal with Universal Records for his London-based band Minibar. Their debut album, 'Road Movies', was produced by T Bone Burnett, to much critical acclaim, but to almost negative record sales. After getting away from the major label, they stayed on in California to make another two albums, touring with the likes of The Jayhawks, Wilco, Teenage Fanclub, and The Wallflowers, before becoming Pete Yorn's touring band for a couple of years.  Simon also co-wrote two songs for the British pop hit sensations Westlife (“Before It’s Too Late,” which we are proud to administer, and “Talk Me Down”).

'The Sea, The Sea' was Petty's first solo album, made partially in Denton, Texas and partially in Brooklyn, by former Gingersol production guru Seth Rothschild. It is a contemplative work, echoing the melodic introspection of Seventies English folk icons such as Nick Drake and John Martyn. 'A Murder of Crows' juxtaposes the poetry of collective nouns with the plaintive chorus refrain of, "I spend all day just trying to feel ok". In 'State of the Union Address', he is offering a lover consolation whilst admitting that "I know it hurts like cigarette burns." Beneath the soporific beat of wind-shield wipers in 'Sleeping in the Car', Petty's voice is distant and dream-like before snapping into sharp focus for "...we just want to be loved more than understood". Themes of redemption and consolation run throughout the record, as if he is almost battle-weary and in need to feel "clean and warm and whole", as he puts it in 'I Built a Fire'. The overall effect is to create a mood of warmth and melancholy, flattered by Rothschild's textured yet beautifully sparse production. Petty grew up in Manchester in the Eighties and is therefore unhealthily obsessed with The Smiths. He lives in Santa Monica and is currently writing his memoirs, tentatively entitled 'The Day The Music Died’.


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