Hazel is a 21-year old recording artist and songwriter from Norway. In 2018, she signed a record deal with Needed Records, a division of the largest independent label in Norway.

Hazel credits Alicia Keys for her desire to be an artist. At 11, she watched the “Fallin’” music video and was so inspired, she begged her working-class parents to get her a piano for Christmas. After some serious budgeting, they were able to fulfill their daughter’s wish and got her a Roland KR575 digital piano. Hazel was immediately drawn to tickle the ivories, and soon the piano playing led to singing and eventually songwriting.

In high school, Hazel majored in drama and vocals, which allowed her to gain performance experience in front of her entire school on many occasions. After graduation, she got a full scholarship at a well-renowned music school in Bergen, Norway, where she studied for a year and graduated in May 2018 with straight A’s.

Her first single, “Little Bit Of You,” was released on January 25, 2019, and is about falling in love when everything is new and exciting, and you just need a little bit of the other person to feel complete. She sings “A little bit of you, and my hearts start climbing. A little bit of you, that’s all I need. A little bit of you, that´s when everything is shining. A little bit of you, to set me free”. The single did well right out of the gate, with over 15K streams on Spotify within the first couple of days.