Creative Services

Audio Synch Media (ASM) is our music platform where we host a variety of songs and instrumental tracks for synchronization licensing and A&R consideration. Our creative team utilize ASM for customized pitches.

The platform provides a nice variety of options for music supervisors and advertising executives. Take a listen: →


Royalty Hunter$ ® is a service built on almost two decades of experience in tracking and collecting royalties for songwriters, producers, and recording artists.

Our mission is to hunt down and monetize royalty streams. We help clients reconnect with lost income streams and we establish new ones. Visit: →

Strategic Consulting

New ideas are only as good as how they are brought to fruition. In the music and media space, we can help with strategy, know-how and solutions.
We help clients manage their music rights obligations.
We help sorting out copyright ownership and chain of title issues to clean up publishing catalogs, and we implement effective income tracking procedures.
If royalty accounting claims arise, clients bring us in to help resolve the situation.
We also provide career guidance for emerging artists and songwriters.

Music Publishing Administration

Our experience includes administration of music rights for songwriters at all levels in their careers, from indie bands to international superstars. We have been fortunate to work with some major songwriters over the years.  We offer expertise, accuracy, transparency, and personalized service.
We administer music publishing catalogs and handle all aspects of this process, from PRO registrations to copyright filings, mechanical/DPD licensing, synchronization licensing, royalty collection and licensing from various digital services, royalty accounting, etc.

We are passionate about our clients' music and their success. 

Royalty Accounting

With music and media exploitation comes an important responsibility: timely and accurate accounting to rights holders. USA Media Rights helps streamline the process, providing expertise and a cost benefit along the way.

We have decade-long experience and expertise in providing royalty accounting and licensing services to independent record labels.  We also prepare third party accounting on behalf of artists, producers and publishers.

Every year, rights holders miss out on significant amounts of earnings from the lack of proper administration, management and income tracking. USA Media Rights’ complex desk audits and financial analyses help reveal discrepancies and recover royalties.


In the world of creativity there are decisions to be made along the way that can have a dramatic impact on the trajectory of your career.  With over 20 years of experience from the inner workings of the entertainment industry, USA Media Rights can guide creative careers, new or seasoned, toward clearly defined goals. The key ingredients are honesty, trust, experience, passion and a daily focus on maintaining and increasing your value.

A manager guides you with decision-making on a daily basis. Passion for and belief in you and your music matters. Industry experience and connections also matter. First and foremost, you need someone who really gets what you're doing and wants to help. Add patience and strategy and you're on your way.

When the time comes to make big career decisions, such as "who do I choose; ASCAP, BMI or SESAC" or "which music publishing company fits me and my songwriting style the best," or "is the deal on the table with the biggest advance really the best deal for me," you need a knowledgeable manager who can, without hesitation, form the right alliances for you. 


We prepare financials and presentations of high-profile songwriter and music publishing catalogs. An analysis of the value of a song catalog has a variety of components. We prepare and present at-source earnings to determine the Net Publisher's Share. We provide territorial breakdowns and income type analyses, as well as top songs summaries. We also locate and approach potential buyers. 

For our media asset acquisition clients, we work with their legal counsel to evaluate media asset financials. Our services include field reviews of potential acquisition targets, review of accounting statements and agreements, and additional research to estimate the value of unexploited assets. We verify information provided to us in order to make sure sellers' numbers are accurate.



When you let someone else manage your finances, you are exercising a huge act of faith and trust. Who can you really trust to do the right thing?

We have heard horror stories of mismanagement, abuse and neglect. More often than not, the person that was supposed to be in charge had delegated the work to one, two, even three assistants down the food chain without enough knowledge and without proper oversight. That's not financial management.

You need to find a business manager you like, someone you trust, someone who really understands the business you're in and has a vast amount of knowledge in your field. You need someone who can dig in and help you maximize your earnings.

With over 12 years of business management experience from top firms in the entertainment industry dealing with superstar artists, producers and songwriters, and with a boutique approach built on alliances and day-to-day involvement, we are confident we can free you up to focus on your creative endeavors without worrying whether your electric bill will be paid on time.